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Feeling Frustrated and Powerless in Providing Great Benefits for Your Employees? 

Are You Ready to Make the Right Move to Smarter Strategies, and Happier, More Productive Employees?

At SBS Advisors, we help business leaders who are FRUSTRATED with inflating benefit costs, DISAPPOINTED with employee comprehension, and WORRIED about ever changing regulations.

Our clients
MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE to premium, cost-effective benefits. This leads to smarter decisions, lower stress, and better productivity.

As an Employer... want to attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace. This requires the best benefit package possible. Unfortunately, rising costs, unchecked quality and a lack of transparency (perpetuated by a “Medical Industrial Complex”) has made it near impossible to do so anymore.

This leaves employers feeling anger and frustration. It also creates a sense of hopelessness, with no apparent light a the end of the tunnel.

It’s not right that every year, employers have to choose not what to add, but what to take away, just to stay financially solvent.

We are SBS Advisors...

...and with more than 25 years’ experience, we have weathered the storms: the disruptions, the changes, and the injustices. As an employer, we have experienced it ourselves, and know the feeling.

Over the past several decades, our Advisors have worked with groups of all sizes and different industries, with unique challenges. We’ve created our own proprietary solutions and best practices that you will not get from a status-quo broker (whose sole focus is to “sell insurance”).

Our Approach

While every employers’ challenges are unique to them, we’ve worked with groups of all sizes and, chances are, we have a solution.

But the first step is up to YOU.

CALL Us or CONTACT Us and Let’s Have a Conversation.

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    You don’t know what you don’t know...and yet you are likely making decisions based on the false assumption that you have all the facts.
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    ...a no-obligation phone call with one of our Advisors. Together we can decide whether or not a consultation visit would be beneficial.

The Move is YOURS...

  • If you want to experience the relief and confidence of providing the best coverage possible.
  • If you want your employees to be amazed at the level of benefits you provide, leading to smarter decisions, lower stress, and more productivity in their work.
  • If you want to finally see a return on your healthcare dollars.